We Deliver

It was the week of Nissanfest; Caryl and Todd traded cars for a couple of days so that Caryl can properly detail Todd’s R33 for the meet.  So when Caryl asked me if I wanted to shoot the R33 while he had it, I said fuck yes.

We decided to deliver the car to where Todd lived and fortunately, Markie was able to join us.  So we drove through HW99 heading south, crossed over the bridge into Seattle and headed for the viaduct.

Personally, I love R33s.  Todd loves his too.  He bought this one 15 years ago.  FIFTEEN YEARS.  If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

After passing through the viaduct, we headed towards Alki Beach hoping to catch the skyline behind the… umm… Skyline (no pun intended).

We had just started to get down and shooting, when we were interrupted by blue and red flashing lights behind us.  Then before we knew it, we were getting kicked out of a meet we weren’t even part of…

So we headed into Boeing and finished up there.  Those photos will be coming soon.

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