What can I say about this car… honestly, where do I start?  I’m sure many of you have already seen this car.  If you’re lucky, on the streets but most recently at Wekfest Seattle.  This car has come a long way… but honestly, I loved the look it had before:


The 90s, golden era of Japanese sports cars.  I really do miss the generation of flip-up headlight vehicles.  Everyone did it I think… even the American car companies hopped on this trend during the late 80s, early 90s but Mazda did it the best with their Rx-7 (in my humble opinion).  This 1990 RE-Amemiya RX-7 was imported by RHD Specialties and soon as I saw this car, I knew it was gonna be something special.  RE-Amemiya front end, Amemiya wheels, Amemiya shift knob, Amemiya horn button, Amemiya air freshener, you get the point… RE-AMEMIYA EVERYTHING.  Minus few items here and there such as the side skirts but honestly, I thought… how is this car gonna get any better?

It took about 7 months (happy coincidence)  but the car is finally back in action.  Talking about RE-Amemiya everything… my friend Caryl took it to the next level.  The car got a Amemiya facelift: Amemiya canards, Amemiya diffusers, Amemiya wing but more importantly, the motor was fully rebuilt from the ground up and bridgeported by the very talented John from Legend Motorsports.  Still waiting on a bigger turbo from Compturbo and once the turbo goes on and the motor is broken in, this monster will get a final tune from Intec Racing.  So if you want a shot at the white comet, right now might be the time lol.

Special thanks to:
Lawrence of Intec Racing
John of Legend Motorsports
David Kim
Russ Neuman
Patrick Yoon
Mark Sollivan
Johnny Nguyen
Christian Le
Ben Le
Dina Lim



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