Summertime of 2017, while we were attending the Japanese Classic Car Show at the Queen Mary, California; we had a chance to visit the Toyota USA: Automobile Museum.  Lucky for us, they were allowing visitors that weekend to visit and browse the museum with a reservation.

From classic Toyotas in their glory days to concept vehicles, the museum was filled with interesting builds, race cars, and truly rare classics like this Toyota 2000GT.

We had a great time browsing what they had on display and it just made us wonder what else they were hiding in the warehouse.  Hope you enjoy these photos I was able to grab and if you ever get a chance to visit, I would highly recommend it especially if you love Toyotas.

2002 Lexus IS430 V8 Concept.

Concept Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC

Concept Toyota Supra.

Beautiful Celica line up.

Want one.

Jay Leno’s little race car.

Cult classic.

From concept to reality.

Till next time Toyota USA.  Thank you for having us.

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